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My name is Daniela, you will notice it with an "a" at the end, it sounds a bit Latina and this is normal since I am Colombian (so you can read this text by saying the "u" "or")!

A Colombian girl who dreamed of Paris, pain au chocolat (or 'chocolatine', this debate is a mystery to me), baguettes and good wines. It was finally in Annecy that I landed in 2015 to start my French-speaking adventure somewhat by chance.

In short, now I live here in Aix-les-Bains, Savoy. But all of this is fine, what is my story? Far from being unhappy in Colombia, I had a very sweet childhood. I studied graphic design at university and graduated with a bachelor's degree spécialité. I was then offered a job following my end-of-study internship as ... web project manager! So nothing to do with Design but I had, according to my superiors, all the skills required for this position. Position in which I dealt with various clients such as NestlĂ© Colombia. After five years of this enriching experience, it was time for me to get back to what I really wanted to do. I was then commited in learning French in Bogota, where I lived. A few years later, a trip to the country of cheese seemed opportune to me. A language school accepts me and I get an internship in Geneva (oops ...) at the ONU, but well and truly installed in Annecy (phew!). Student visa in pocket, I'm in France. As you can imagine, I never left. After the six months initially planned, I decide to extend my adventure and therefore study for a Master in Tourism at the University of Savoie Mont-Blanc where I get a new diploma. To validate it, I did an internship in the Netherlands (the other cheese country) with an NGO specializing in sustainable tourism, Green Destinations. NGO for which I am still a volunteer and in charge of maintaining and updating their website.

As you will have noticed, adapting has become a kind of second nature, driven by my curiosity and the desire to always discover a little more.

Now I firmly believe that I can help others with my experiences and skills.

I created my company PIVOINE WEB STUDIO in order to support small businesses with an ecological vocation and helping their digitalization.

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