Eco-conscious sites for those who want to have a positive impact on the planet.

Hello! I am Daniela from Pivoine Web Studio, visual designer responsible brand and website designer located in Aix-les-Bains, France. My mission is to help small business-owners like me, who want to have a positive impact on the world.

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Our services


Showcase sites, one-page, e-commerce, I adapt to what your business needs.

But, did you know that the Internet is a huge polluter of the environment? We host all of our sites on GreenGeeks the leading provider of eco-friendly hosting in Europe, to reduce the impact of your site on the planet.



A well-thought logo and graphic charter to show the world who you are. cocreation I will take whatever you like to convert it into a logo. We will choose together the colors, the fonts and everything that will represent the graphic universe of your brand.

Digital Illustration


Success is in the details! Long gone are the days when you used generic images that everyone uses. Digital illustrations created at your brand's image which will charm your customers and be aligned to your graphic universe.

An eco-friendly approach


When we think of environmental polluters we do not necessarily think of the impact that the Internet has on the planet.

This is why we are committed to building more responsible websites. But how ?

 'Green' hosting

We host our websites on an environmentally friendly platform, for this we have decided to work with GreenGeeks.

Smart design

 We create our sites taking into account the best practices of Responsible WebDesign: Efficiency, Simplicity and Findability. Our main objective is to reduce the size of our sites and therefore, their CO2 emissions.

Support for reforestation programs

We donate part of the profits of each website project to the association HUMY and their community reforestation program in the Colombian Andes.

About me

You want to know who you are working with. And I understand! We need to get to know each other to be able to trust each other. I volunteer to introduce myself first!



They have already worked with me

"Daniela created my site with kindness, respecting my wishes. She was on time too. I already recommend her to all my colleagues."

– Denis, Lacroix Magnétisme

"Daniela is detail-oriented, creative and has a solid foundation in graphic design as well as website and blog updating, proving to be a great ally of our team."

- Juan, UNOG Training and Multilingualism Center

"Daniela has made an incredible contribution to the preparation of our travel guide, to the graphic design of the web and social media. She has shown great commitment, motivation and efficiency."

Albert, Good Travel Guide

Let's meet!

Before you decide anything. Do not hesitate to take a free meeting so that we can discuss your project and your needs. This meeting will take aprox. 30 minutes of your time and will allow me to assess the scope of your project

Or contact me directly:


Monday to Friday

9 - 11 and 14 - 16 (Paris Time)